High school students’ perceptions of mathematics teachers’ implementation of UDL-based practices and technology in mathematics classes


The purpose of this survey-based study was to investigate high school students’ perceptions of mathematics teachers’ implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)-based practices and technology in their mathematics classes in 2017. A total of 303 high school students in South Korea participated in this online survey on teachers’ use of technology for instructional practices, the frequency of technology tool use, and the meeting of UDL guidelines in mathematics instruction. According to frequency analysis, high school students generally perceived their teachers’ mathematics teaching as somewhat positive in providing multiple means of representation, action and expression, and engagement. However, mathematics teachers’ implementation of technology tools in their mathematics classes was generally limited. This study indicated significant and positive relationships between variables regarding the use of technology tools and teachers’ efforts to follow the UDL guidelines. Applying the Chi-squared test, we further examined how each survey result differed according to high school students’ academic achievements and grade levels.

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